A veteran-owned, and operated full service moving company dedicated to serving families
across South Florida as well as nationwide for over 10 + years. Blue Line Moving employs a
full-time staff of trained, experienced, moving professionals you can trust. We pride ourselves on being able to employ, not only active duty military members, but also veterans in need of work.

Blue line moving and storage has created the Great American Cleanup. It is an operation to help clean up America! Our efforts are just a small piece of the puzzle to helping our own, no matter the Political Affiliation. We believe that to love America means to love all Americans. That doesn’t mean that we all agree on every topic of discussion that comes up, BUT, America is our home and we want to help in the best way we can: Cleaning it up.In the Moving Industry, we already step-up for Disaster Relief when Hurricanes and other natural disasters happen. However, we want to do more and we want to continue serving communities around the Country.”Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?

Our services include but are not limited to local/long distance moving, professional packing & unpacking, storage solutions, fine art deliveries, specialty item transport, pressure washing & bulk trash removal.

Cleaning up the border September 9/11 weekend Val Verde County. September 10-12th, 2021 from 9am-7pm. For more information visit

Val Verde County, Texas has been selected for The Great American Cleanup.The local
communities have been ravaged by the pandemic and overrun with illegal dumping and border crossings. The dates for our cleanup will be September 10, 11th and 12th. We will also be making a monetary contribution to the Val Verde County Sheriffs department. They deserve to be recognized for all the hard work they are putting in to keep our country safe. All you ever hear about is the flow of people crossing but never the amount of garbage that is left behind on our lands. It looks like a landfill on our border and we are gonna do our best to make this portion clean for the people of Val Verde County, Texas. 

Blue Line Moving & All American Sanitation organized “Operation Baltimore Clean Up”. during August of 2019. Not only were the Traveling Trash-men servicing the community by cleaning up Inner city Baltimore removing 25 Tons of Garbage, they also saved 2 civilians lives. During the clean up, two volunteers were administering naloxone antidotes to two men who appeared to be overdosing on opioids. ” We came here to do one thing, and God blesses us with another ” Joe Rivieccio. Not only did cleaning up the inner city of Baltimore bring the volunteers joy of doing something constructive for a struggling community, they also received recognition for saving two civilians lives during an opioid epidemic. “I didn’t know that a city in the United States could be this bad. I’ve seen cities in Iraq cleaner than here. Cities shouldn’t be this bad,” John Rourke. Serving the neighborhood was a small gesture to the lasting impact that was made on the community.